At Questlove's Los Angeles Food Salon, Celebrities Actually Talk About Food

Hot topics include uni roe, Meyer lemons, sunchokes
Feb 19, 2015 12:00 pm

Famed musician and noted foodie Questlove likes to bring elements of these two worlds together for extravagant dinner parties that he calls "food salons." The most recent star-studded event, held in Los Angeles during the Grammys, was quite different from previous incarnations. How so? Well, for one thing, there was "more talk about the food than at any other salon."

Deerhoof Needs 10 To 15 Carrot Sticks, Cool?

Albuquerque eats, travel tips, better spaghetti
Jan 28, 2015 12:00 pm

There are moments in indie punk band Deerhoof's long-spanning discography in which a song sounds like it’s completely fallen apart, with scattered piano notes and odd sounds, only to launch back in with an impeccably catchy, poppy tune. Singer Satomi Matsuzaki's high-pitched, singsong voice is an entirely distinctive and refreshing experience for anyone seeking something a little different from your typical indie-pop structure. There can be no mistake when you are listening to a Deerhoof song; you know you’re listening to a Deerhoof song! I spoke with guitarist John Dieterich about his adopted hometown of Albuquerque, where chile is a way of life and "bandwiches" are made with homemade tortillas. 

Will Drinking Absinthe Make You Fat?

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson seems to think so
Jan 23, 2015 11:00 am

Think of it like George Foreman giving up grilling. Controversial goth rocker Marilyn Manson has reportedly split from his longtime muse: absinthe. The stated reason: "to help his figure." But does partaking of the so-called Green Fairy really threaten your waistline? Or is the health worry just a modern-day myth that only furthers the drink's dubious history? Let's ask an absinthe expert.

We're Totally Going To BottleRock Napa Valley In May! You?

The vino's superb. The music lineup? Even better.
Jan 6, 2015 4:30 pm

We'd abandon FR Headquarters to go see any combination of the headliners slated for this year's BottleRock Napa Valley, May 29-31. Think non-stop tunes from bands, the best food and booze we've likely ever consumed a great deal of at a music festival (no offense to to the lobster roll truck sitting there in 90-degree heat) and just...SO MUCH WINE. And No Doubt. And Snoop Dog. We'll have whatever Robert Plant is drinking, frankly. 

Generationals Gets Nostalgic For Grits And Grillades, Vietnamese Bakeries

Indie band does oysters at Peche, frozen daquiris
Nov 25, 2014 2:00 pm

If you haven't heard the old-school indie goodness that is Generationals, there's no time like the present. I spoke with guitarist Ted Joyner, New Orleans native about Vietnamese food, frozen Brain Obliterators and G&G. That's grits and grillades, something you'll want to become intimately familiar with. You'll also want to see this sandwich they made to accompany their latest single.

Rock Band Generationals Created A Fried Fish Sandwich Inspired By Their New Single

New Orleans indie rockers fry up the jams
Nov 24, 2014 3:30 pm

Talk about a band who takes interviews seriously. I spoke with Ted Joyner of New Orleans-based indie rock band Generationals about all things Cajun, oyster, pho and especially sandwiches. Best of all, the band's food-obsessed drummer, Eric Rogers, invented a killer sandwich named after their latest single, Gold Silver Diamond. Crunch into the fish sandwich of your dreams, right here. 

Want To Dine In A Jamaican Castle Like Bourdain? Jon Baker Can Hook You Up

Meet the hotelier/music exec from 'Parts Unknown'
Nov 14, 2014 11:00 am

The once-glorious resort town of Port Antonio, located on Jamaica's northeast coast, has languished for decades amid tourist migration to mega-resorts on the opposite side of the country. But, in recent years, a handful of entrepreneurs have been trying to bring it back. One of them is Jon Baker, a British-born music producer, former New Yorker and partner in two existing hotel properties. He chats with Chris Shott about efforts to rejuvenate this largely forgotten corner of the island.

Vietnamese Food Fan Wayne Coyne On How French Fries Are Like John Lennon

Flaming Lips frontman has a Long John Silver's past
Nov 3, 2014 10:00 am

Touring musicians have a great gig. Rock and roll! It’s doubly great when they’re interested in exploring the international culinary world. We do realize some bands subsist solely on Taco Bell and Coke Zero. Shame on them! There’s Hatch chile to sample in New Mexico. Pappy Van Winkle in Kentucky. Doppelbock outside Hamburg. In Good Food, Rocks, we track down a band member serious about their grub — and who has held a job in the food industry too. Up next, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.


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