What’s the first thing to pop into your mind when I said that? Did it involve maple syrup? With less scientific thought applied than Bill Nye the Science Guy might even require, I’ll go ahead and say that about 99.9% of you thought of waffles with maple syrup. But there’s a lot you can do with a waffle iron. Enter: BRAZILIAN CHEESE WAFFLES.

Based on the delicious cheese bread, pao de queijo, you can get at Brazilian bakeries and churrascarias, these waffles are made with lots of cheese and call for only tapioca flour, used in Latin American and Asian baking and found in Latin and Asian grocers and health food stores. Subbing tapioca for regular flour gives the waffles a springy interior with a wonderfully crisp exterior. But you can’t eat pao de queijo without some red meat, so top these bad boys with some steak and spiced-up Argentine chimichurri sauce for a modern spin on classic South American flavors.