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Composite Photo: Suman Chatterjee

Update: We commissioned this cocktail for Steve Jobs’ departure as head of Apple back in August, and we bring it back to join the worldwide mourning for a man who affected all our lives. RIP, Steve, and thanks for iEverything.

After hearing the news that Steve Jobs was stepping down as CEO of Apple, we were filled with a little shock (what will the iPhone 14 look like!?), a little sadness (those product announcements will never be the same — and will never again feature turtlenecks), but overall happy that Jobs is going to take care of himself. This being Food Republic, we wanted to toast him farewell with a spirited tipple designed just for him. So we rang our bartender friend Jason Littrell of NYC’s JBird for his best Apple-inspired cocktail. The result is called the Everyman Afterall, a sweet-tart blend of brandy, rum, citrus and bitters. May the force be with you, Mr. Jobs.