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Meat and stone fruits make a killer combo.

Know what’s fun? Tweed jackets and gin and tonics. Know what’s even more fun? Justifying both with The Preppy Cookbook, a fun little tome of homestyle classics, party snacks, better bar food and the cocktails you need to know how to make if you’re going to wear that ascot all over the place. Trade in your pork’s applesauce for fresh, sweet, mustard-spiked peaches for an instant summer hit. 

I personally love breaded fried pork. The crisp breading harks back to the days of Shake ’N Bake and jarred applesauce. These lightly fried cutlets pair just right with the sweet and zesty peach compote. Pork cooks quickly, so it’s perfect for a mid-week dinner. I buy the thin-cut boneless loin pork chops and pound them even thinner. Of course, you can also buy a small pork roast and slice it yourself.

Reprinted with permission from The Preppy Cookbook