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Bocuse D'Or, Good Hotel Food, Gochujang Wings: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

A few of the big stories of the week
Jan 30, 2015 3:00 pm

There are exactly two days left in January, which means you’ve been strictly adhering to all your New Years resolutions for almost an entire month now (yeah…right). Since the past 30 days were undoubtedly your cleanest, healthiest ones to date, we’ve worked hard to slowly reintroduce some essentials from your pre-resolution diet back into your life this week. For the week’s complete recap, here are the 10 hot topics on Food Republic.

Are You Following Food Republic On Instagram? You Should Be.

86,000 hungry followers can't be wrong...
Jan 30, 2015 2:50 pm

You love food, you like cooking and eating in the hot new restaurants, and you occasionally scroll through your Instagram feed to ogle awesome food. Hopefully we're already part of that feed, but if not, follow Food Republic on Instagram today and it'll be like you're right there with us, face-down in a steaming bowl of loaded ramen.

This Morning’s Shake Shack IPO Is Killing It On Wall Street. Questions Exist.

Danny Meyer is now worth about $400 million
Jan 30, 2015 2:14 pm

This morning, Danny Meyer's burger chain Shake Shack — once a seasonal hamburger stand operating a single location in New York’s Madison Square Park, growing into a 60-chain global sensation with 27 located overseas in a diverse range of cities including London, Istanbul and Dubai — went public. The stock is currently trading close to $50 a share, which values the company at close to $1 billion. Not bad for a venture that was originally created as a side project. It also poses some questions.

18 Killer Chicken Wing Recipes That Don't Involve Traditional Buffalo Sauce

Variety is the spice of life (and chicken wings)
Jan 30, 2015 2:00 pm

One chicken wing recipe will not suffice. You can't just shake Frank's Red Hot over "a bunch of wings" and call the results an acceptable contribution to a Super Bowl spread. Now is the time to take the blank canvas that is the wing of the chicken (cut into two easy-to-eat sections) and apply your patented culinary wizardry. Check out 18 recipes that don't involve Buffalo sauce and bring your A-game this Sunday.


Keep Those Leftovers Out Of The Trash, Or Suffer The Consequences

Seattle to impose fines on food wasters
Jan 30, 2015 1:00 pm

The city of Seattle wants its citizens to think twice about tossing those week-old pizza leftovers in the trash. So much so that it's going to start imposing fines on those who do.

Kare Kare Chicken Wings Recipe

Spicy, nutty chicken wings via the Philippines
Jan 30, 2015 12:00 pm
Photo: sheryip on Flickr

Chef Eric Pascual was born and raised in the Bay Area and spent a good portion of his childhood in Hawaii. Pascual loves to share his style of cooking through pop-up dinners he hosts through the Feastly network. Traditional Kare Kare is a stew made with slow-cooked oxtail in a peanut sauce. Try it with chicken wings and you may not go back to Buffalo sauce. 

Recipes In Season: 30 Things To Cook In February

What we're braising, stir-frying, searing, baking
Jan 30, 2015 11:00 am

February can be a little dull in the kitchen. But consider this: You can't make cassoulet in the summer. I mean, you can. But don't. Nobody will come over for heavy sausage and confit-laden stew in the summer. But everyone will come over for that in February. Ditto for steak 'n' ale casserole and French onion soup. With all this in mind, here are a few other recipes we're relying on to make it to spring.  

Caffeine Informer Teaches You How Much Caffeine Is In Basically Everything

Website is a caffeinated drink watch dog
Jan 30, 2015 9:00 am

Caffeine Informer is an encyclopedia of sorts for — you guessed it — all things caffeine. In addition to having an eerily complete database of caffeine products sorted by category (coffee, soda, energy drinks, tea, shots), the website aggregates articles exploring caffeine’s positive and negative effects, withdrawal and overdose symptoms and potential for addiction. We combed through the product listings and came away with these five eye-opening facts.

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