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James Beard Award-nominated chef Craig Deihl of Charleston, South Carolina's Cypress made that pâté en croute up there — no easy undertaking. In fact, if you don't know what you're doing, it's pretty much impossible. Check out Deihl's feed and follow this badass chef and meat master not just for his inventive and masterful charcuterie techniques, but super-cute babies who will probably grow up to have the world's greatest palates!

Between all the photos of stacked bricks of ham-and-parsley terrine, videos of liverwurst in process, and beauty shots of olive loaves that miraculously make you really, really want olive loaf, you may forget to buy your plane ticket to South Carolina. Let us remind you: Buy a plane ticket to South Carolina (for a jillion reasons) and don't leave until you understand the meaning of "pâté inlay."

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