If you’re one of the thousands of fans descending upon New York City for the Super Bowl festivities and big game (okay, fine, the game's actually in Jersey), make sure you’ll know the best brews we have to offer. People tend to generalize about New York State breweries, so let’s just say we’re a bit of an underdog when it comes to brew respect. But the idea that the brew scene in the city and surrounding areas pales in comparison with famed hubs like Seattle and Denver is false.

If you’re in town for the game, take advantage of some of our best beers only available in-state. So whether you’re braving the cold for a Big Apple tailgate or having a party with some serious eats, pick up a pint or a growler for a maxed-out New York Super Bowl experience.

1. Barrier Brewing Company: Money IPA
Big, bold, juicy IPAs are usually considered a West Coast specialty but Barrier’s Money IPA can certainly hold its own against the best in the country. It nearly breaks the double IPA realm with its 7.5% ABV, but that's nearly unnoticeable under the massive citrus flavors like orange, grapefruit and lemon. If you like your hops tropical, this one sends you on a vacation for the senses – it’s hard to believe it’s made in Long Island.

2. Captain Lawrence Brewing Company: Liquid Gold
I can't help but recommend one of the Westchester-based brewery’s sours, like Rosso E Marrone, one of the best Flanders Oud Bruins in the world. However, more attainable, accessible and affordable is their Liquid Gold, an excellent Belgian Pale Ale. Belgian yeast flavors of banana and clove, pepper, lemon and bready malt really balance things out. It’s something I wouldn’t hesitate bringing a sixer of to any game day party.

3. Peekskill Brewery: Simple Sour
This was high up on my list of top 25 beers of 2013, and now is your chance to try it!  It’s only available on draft but there is a loooong list of places you can get it around the city by hunting it down on Beer Menus. This is one of the better examples of Berliner Weisse in the U.S., with a light tart flavor that (thankfully) won’t make you think you’re drinking liquid Sour Patch Kids. The ABV is also game-day approved at just 4.5%. If you love sour beer, get it, and if sour beer doesn’t sound like your thing, try it anyway – I promise you’ll be won over by this fine example of the traditional German style.

4. SingleCut Beersmiths: Jan Olympic White Lagrrr
While everyone loves to geek out over extreme beers, sometimes you just need a beer you can hang with. Since your Super Bowl party is probably going to last all day, how about something light, crisp and freshing? SingleCut Beersmiths from Astoria, Queens makes a great wheat lager that goes down easy at 5.2% ABV and is a perfect pairing with spicy game day wings, as masterfully paired for me by cicerone James Tai.

5. KelSo of Brooklyn: Industrial Pale Ale
KelSo may be a new name, but brewer Kelly Taylor has been at the helm of Heartland Brewery’s operation since 1998, where he still oversees the production of beer. This is his solo project with his wife Sonya (hence the name KelSo), and it’s taken many exciting steps in the past few years like new canned offerings and the creation of this monster double IPA. 10% ABV and 100 IBUs might seem like it would overwhelm, but its smoothness (especially if you can find it on nitro) and flavor of tropical hops is absolutely world-class.

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