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What's better than sausage? Bacon-wrapped sausage. (Photo: Jonathan Lovekin.)

Tonight’s Meal Plan is brought to you by the winter storm keeping you inside. Fight off the chill, make a big pot of fancy sauerkraut (duck fat, bacon, beer and wine) and top it with your favorite pork(s). It’s DIY choucroute garnie — kraut with meaty stuff on top. If you’ve never had this famous Alsatian dish and have ever enjoyed a ball park dog, we have a cooking project for you.

Traditionally the dish includes a variety of pig not limited to belly, ham, kielbasa and/or skinless frankfurters, chops and smoked loin or shoulder. We loosely interpret that list to mean “any and all manner of pork you desire.” Take your pick from the recipes below.

Make this kraut: DBGB’s Super Secret Sauerkraut

These meats:

Toss a couple of buttered boiled potatoes on the side, sprinkle with parsley and serve.

For dessert: Apple-Almond Tart

And to drink: Have a glass of Riesling or visit our pretty damn extensive beer section.

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