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We are in the thick of tailgating season. There are tacos and buffalo things (or both at once, cowboy), bacon, jalapeños, things on sticks and dips to dip them into. And there are only five photos below — just wait until we get the whole party together and show you what dedication to tailgating excellence really looks like. Keep tagging us in your #FRtailgating shots, you pioneers, you kings of the deep-fryer.

Shrimp + bacon goodness

Buffalo dip for a patriots victory!!

Guacamole o’clock!

Ragú picante de Carne de Sol, Catupiry e Jiló desidratado

Buffalo Chicken Tacos With Blue Cheese Dressing.

@worldgastro did offer to translate that caption, but truth be told it looks so good we’d rather just let our taco imaginations go wild (as they tend to).