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Have you seen pictures of those neon, psychedelic-looking Gozzi’s Farm turkeys? Well, here are a few more shots for those of you who have been missing out on the rainbow-colored gobbler action. At this point you’re probably wondering why, why….why!? Especially during this time of year when we are honoring the turkey. Why would a bunch of farmers in Guilford, Connecticut decide to dye their turkeys magenta and mint green? Well, apparently the Gozzi’s Farm has become a major tourist attraction over the years thanks to the colorful turkeys. Children visit from all over the country in a quest to find a bright blue turkey. Sounds totally sane, right?

We did some investigating and found out that apparently the dyes used on the turkeys are non-toxic, and vegetable-based. Which is slightly reassuring, but not really. Check out the turkeys below. 

Turkeys battling it out over who’s brighter

Take your pick: pink, purple, or yellow turkey

Fifty shades of neon