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The theme of this week’s Instagram roundup is “whatever has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.” Seriously Internet, things besides Thanksgiving exist. And we’re bringing you 8 of them. Like grilled aliens. That said, check out our extremely extensive coverage of Thanksgiving food, drink, traditions, chef advice and obviously, pie.

Don’t forget to follow us @foodrepublic and tag us if you see or eat something awesome. These are things we check compulsively. This week’s #FRturkey hashtag should produce some juicy results. I mean, hopefully they’re juicy.    

Lunch at Aamanns is so Danish. And so Danish is the way to eat lunch.

There’s a proper hot sauce selection at Mexican Radio in Hudson, NY

Happy Friday steak #taco night everyone.

Solangtang and offal gone wild at Gahm Mi Oak

Liege wafel w/ speculoos @WaffleTruck #foodspotting @brooklynbrewery

Decided on an order of chicken tacos con todos from Cafe Ollin in Harlem. A small hole in the wall with some of the best authentic Mexican. #tacos @food

Oatmeal with @ashwright ‘s homemade almond milk, @todayshallbetheday ‘s pumpkin-spiced almonds and brûlée bananas. @omarchris

Grilled Aliens for dinner. @neverbeenfull