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Summer is the perfect time to get your hands on a Corkcicle. A Whatsicle? Read on...

Want to keep your wine chilled without a bucket full of ice cluttering up the table? Have you tried the Corkcicle? It’s been out since late last year, but the summer is a good time to remind everyone of the importance of keeping it cool.

When placed inside a bottle, the Corkcicle chills wine. What about the ice melting and diluting your precious pinot grigio? No worries! This icicle is made of BPA-free plastic that’s filled with a reusable freeze gel. To re-use, you place the Corkcicle in the freezer for at least two hours, and then insert it into any bottle of white or rosé — or in a room temperature red that you need to cool down a few degrees. 

Available online, $25