Thankfully we had enough energy without pouring Red Bull into vodka (or vice versa) to bring you this week’s 12 most popular stories. Drinking abroad? Good for you, learn how to tip or hold onto your yen depending on where you are. Want to eat like Dwyane Wade to invoke the “Dwyane Wade effect?” Steak and cookies all the way, baby. Plus, Adam Richman’s actually pretty charming when he doesn’t have Thousand Island all over his face. And frequently when he does.

Ah, summertime…  

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2. No Ordinary Lobsters For Lobster Day 
3. Are You Eating The Wrong Kind Of Greek Yogurt? 
4. 8 Great Steaks To Cook For Dad
5. How To Tip Your Bartender Correctly No Matter Where You Are In The World
6. The Problem With Energy Drinks As A Mixer
7. 25 Ways To Man Up Your Wedding
8. Zakary Pelaccio’s Pasta Con Sarde Recipe
9. Man Vs. The Man Who Is Always Eating On TV
10. Dwyane Wade Digs Cookies, Not So Into Veggies 
11. Edi & The Wolf’s Schnitzel Burger
12. Taste-Test Driving The P’zolo, Pizza Hut’s New Franken-Wrap