This past weekend, Madison Square Park in New York City hosted the 10th Annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party. And hot damn are we still full. Each year, Danny Meyer and his partners at Blue Smoke bring together the nation’s best pitmasters to serve authentic barbecue to hungry New Yorkers. The air is hazy with smoke from barbecue that’s been cooking all night long. The smell of ribs, whole hog and brisket coats the air, and body. And everyone walking around has a dazed smile on their face. In short, it’s incredible. If you go next year (you should), here are three rules to follow:

  1. Get a FastPass. Even with a fast pass the lines, can be long, but without one be prepared to stand in line for hours at each tent before you eat.
  2. Eat sides sparingly. We’re not telling you to skip the slaw, but don’t over do it.
  3. Don’t eat the bread. Focus on the meat, the bread will only slow you down.

See what the pitmasters cooked up this year in the photos below: