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Fish clearly are good pickins right now, as indicated by our new favorite oracle, Instagram. Yes, we had a lobsterrific week — overstuffed rolls and rare, seasonal Fourchus with love from Dorothy Cann Hamilton at ICC. Fried chicken was eaten in the Dominican Republic. Scapes and strawberries were “foraged” at the farmer’s market. And then there was some prime aged raw cow. 

Check out favorites from Instagrammers we’re following, too. Apparently we’re not the only ones taking crazy awesome shots. Enjoy our 8 great Instagram photos of the past week. Don’t forget to follow us!

be my sushi… or else @noahfecks

Luke made us off-the-menu steak tartare at Colicchio & Sons. @foodrepublic

An abundance of garlic scapes. Should I make pesto or pesto? @foodrepublic

Just sprung for a half share of berries at my local CSA @marketpublique

Fourchu lobsters at ICC Soho. Imma eatchoo. @foodrepublic

Now that’s a really good lemon meringue pie @northendgrill @pichetong

Fried chicken. Mofongo. Damn. #DR @foodrepublic

Summer’s here. Lobster roll in Northport, Long Island @foodrepublic