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What a busy week! How does one even remember to reach for the iPhone at opportune moments between Rampfest, hanging out with Chris Cosentino, eating the food we loved reading about at Ted Allen’s book launch and rocking the red carpet at the James Beard Awards? The Mr. Softee’s shot should say it all — it’s becoming a bit of an auto-resplendent. Sorry, auto-response. Damn you, auto-correct. Who even uses the word resplendent often enough to…never mind, on to the week’s best food porn (with captions from our Instagram).

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Mister Softee. Right outside the restaurant. Easy peasey.

Cute snack alert! Mini wagyu dogs and lobster rolls at macallan summer style lounge at Dream Downtown in NYC.

Cedric Vongerichten at Lucky Rice Grand Feast.

Coffee in Madison Square Park with Chris Cosentino.

Upstate NY, ramps and goat cheese. All local, even the bread.

Hip flask of Fernet from JBA nominee Jamie Bissonnette.

Smoked salmon and caviar on freshly fired buckwheat blini. Gary Danko. Strength.

New boutonnière rule.

At the launch of Ted Allen’s new book – cherry tomato and strawberry bruschetta.