With an entire summer of outdoor drinking on the horizon, Stacked Wines offers up a compelling alternative to the brown bag and plastic party cups.

A vertical tower of four generously pre-poured tumblers, all totaling the same volume as your average bottle, this impressive concept is one of the best improvements on portable potables since the screw top.

The brainchild of an engineer, an entrepreneur and a sommelier, the packaging includes exclusively branded “Vinowear” plastic glasses that look like something between a stemless wine glass and those squat jars containing another outdoor staple, those bug-deterring calendula candles. In other words, these wine glasses are discreet—and since this is the first time Stacked Wines are are available for shipment outside of California, it may take a while before the park authorities get wise to your open-beverage habits.

$14.99 for merlot or chardonnay, stackedwines.com and in states that allow wine shipping via winecloudinc.com.

The stacked wine disassembles into individual servings.

For now, local authorities probably won’t guess what’s inside these cleverly designed vessels, making them perfect for outdoor consumption.