After last week’s Getting Pissed In London Week, you would think that we would be a little slow come Monday. No way. We do this for a living, people. This week we revealed that Lupe Fiasco will be guest blogging for us Down Under and how Dale Talde jump-started his growing Brooklyn empire. We published killer recipes for mashed potatoes (the easiest you will find) and Roman-styled spaghetti (the most authentic you will find). We also ran a band’s video featuring spaghetti. Ick. Plus, Seamus Muller and our favorite bar carts for the home.

1. Roman-Style Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
2. Talde Spawns The Three Kings Of Brooklyn
3. Top 5: Restaurants In Napa & Sonoma
4. 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kombucha
5. Seamus Mullen Does Not Call Himself Mr. Spain
6. Easiest Mashed Potatoes Recipe. Period.
7. Advice For The Novice Bartender
8. A Fast Food Fish Fillet Showdown
9. Our 5 Favorite Bar Carts For Home
10.Oceanside Fizz Recipe
11. Lupe Fiasco Is Our New Australian Food Correspondent
12. 24 Hours To Eat In Santiago, Chile