This morning, I happened across these bread knives at Mociun, a jewelry and design store that just opened last week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They caught my eye because (a) bread knives are usually kind of boring-looking and (b) the cerated blade looked like it could cut through a tin can and then slice up a hearty pumpernickel loaf like it was made of paper.

Turns out the knives are part of the collection from Santa Fe Stoneworks, which also makes cutlery sets, pocket knives and more. I wouldn’t recommend loading up on this style of knife for kitchen or dining room duties, unless you live in or near a desert or have a special appreciation of turquoise, but these bread knives are bad-ass and would add a touch of color and panache to your woodblock. 

Mociun, 224 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY, or Santa Fe Stoneworks,