Frozen Coconut Drink Recipe

Jun 29, 2011 8:46 am

The coconut cocktail that brings the beach to you

This is like a piña colada, but much more decadent. Try using ice cream to turn these summer flavors into a rich, creamy drinkable (and, um, spiked) dessert. You'll definitely want to make a double batch.

photo: <a href="">wine me up</a> on Flickr
photo: wine me up on Flickr
Take the piña colada to the next level
Servings: 1 to 2 drinks


1 ounce white rum
1 ounce coconut rum
1/2 ounce Frangelico
3 tablespoons coconut ice cream
1 cup ice
toasted coconut flakes, optional for garnish

In a blender combine all of the ingredients and puree until smooth. Pour and sprinkle toasted coconut on top, if desired for garnish. Serve.

Level of Difficulty: 
Prep Time: 
5 minutes
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