Costco Wholesale storefront
You're Breaking Costco Sample Etiquette By Being Very Nice
When faced with an array of Costco samples, many feel compelled to reciprocate the generosity by adding the full-sized product to their cart, but employees advise against this.
According to Costco employees, this behavior leads to wastefulness and unnecessary clutter, ultimately contributing to wasted resources and extraneous work for Costco employees.
Servers often welcome shoppers by engaging in conversation, and many customers grab products they don't want, later abandoning them in inappropriate locations throughout the store.
There's no need to feign interest in a product or pretend to make a purchase. A sincere "thank you" to the provider and a polite move to the next station is all that's required.
Samples are meant to enhance the shopping experience and brand sales, not pressure customers to purchase — so enjoy samples guilt-free and respect the provider's time and effort.