Tea in mason jar
Your Next Batch Of Iced Tea Starts With An Almost Empty Jam Jar

Creative tea lovers on social media have found unique ways to create delicious iced tea. If you love a dash of fruit in your cup, take advantage of a near-empty jam or jelly jar.

With this method, you can use leftover jam in place of fresh fruit. Boil water and let it cool a bit, then pour it into the jar with a bit of jam left at the bottom.

Before you let it steep, scrape the jar and stir it thoroughly. Once the tea is steeped, strain the mixture over ice cubes, add a straw and/or a garnish, and enjoy.

Great pairings include Earl Grey with passionfruit and chamomile and green tea with strawberry, raspberry, or mango. Feel free to experiment with your favorite flavors.

Commercial jams and jellies can get pretty sweet, so if you want less sugar, you can instead make easy flavored ice cubes by freezing fresh herbs inside of plain ice cubes.