Brisket in gravy and carrots.
Your Brisket Is Missing Instant Onion Soup Mix

There is a secret ingredient that can elevate your brisket. Found in the soup aisle of your supermarket, powdered onion soup can imbue any meat with tons of umami.

Sprinkle and rub the soup mix on both sides of the brisket, covering it evenly. Chop up vegetables into bite-sized pieces and toss them with generous amounts of salt and pepper.

Place half the vegetables into a large roasting pan and lay the brisket on top. Cover the brisket with the remaining vegetables and pour in all the liquids.

Roast it in a high-temperature oven covered before turning the heat down and let the brisket braise in the roasting pan for several hours.

When rubbed onto a brisket before roasting and braising it with other vegetables and liquids, onion soup mix is a booster that brings your brisket from bland to delicious.