Sliced banana bread on wooden cutting board
Your Banana Bread Is Mushy Because Of One Common Mistake

When it comes to banana bread, bananas add a lot of moisture to the batter. Hence, the fruit can give your loaf an undercooked, wet, mushy texture if not used in moderation.

Four medium-sized bananas are typically the most that one loaf of banana bread can accommodate. A cup of mashed bananas should suffice for every cup of flour you add to the batter.

That means one and a half bananas are enough for each cup of flour in your recipe. Although you can use two whole bananas if you must, any more than that is a recipe for mushiness.

If you’ve already added too many bananas to your batter, add a tablespoon of flour at a time and whisk until the consistency turns thick but stays runny enough to fall off a spoon.

Or, give the bread an extra 10 minutes or so in the oven. That extra baking time will make excess moisture evaporate as steam, resulting in perfectly soft and moist banana bread.