Two steaks cooking.
You Should Start Testing Steak Temperatures With A Cake Tester

A cake tester is useful for more than testing baked goods, as it can also tell you when savory roasts are ready. For less than $10 for a multi-pack, they’re worth picking up.

To use the tester, insert the metal side into the center of the meat. Leave it there for a few seconds, then remove it and place the skewer against your skin.

The heat the tester absorbs from a steak will clue you into its doneness and tell you how hot the center of the meat is (i.e., the warmer the metal, the more cooked it is).

If you're aiming for medium-rare, you'll want the tester to feel similar to the temperature of your skin. A well-done steak will have a very hot center, so test cautiously.

Using these skewers allows you to minimize the number of times you cut into the center of the steak to check it. Instead, you get quick guidance to help keep your sear on track.

Employing a cake tester will become easier the more often you do it. Consider the skewers as additional tools in your arsenal rather than replacing the digital gauge.