jar of pickled green cherry tomatoes
You Should Be Frying (Or Pickling) Green Cherry Tomatoes

You don't have to wait for cherry tomatoes to turn red to make good use of them, as green cherry tomatoes are ideal for a variety of cooking methods, from frying to pickling.

There are a few select heirloom tomato varieties that are bright green when fully ripe, but green tomatoes are generally unripe and offer more firmness and textural versatility.

Most commercial tomatoes, regardless of shape or size, have a texture that makes green tomatoes great for frying or pickling, such as beefsteak, plum, or cherry tomatoes.

Although larger varieties of tomatoes are common, green cherry tomatoes make for bite-sized snacks you can pop in your mouth, and they can be fried whole or cut in half.

Fried green tomatoes are commonly breaded with some combination of cornmeal, flour, and breadcrumbs, Cajun or Creole seasoning, and a binder, such as eggs and buttermilk.

Pickling is also a great way to use green cherry tomatoes. They absorb the brine well when halved, but retain their crunch, making for a crisp, sour, and salty snack.