Ball of aluminum foil
You Should Be Cleaning Your Kitchen With Aluminum Foil

As shown by TikTok user @hip2save, placing a ball of aluminum foil in a dishwasher will help remove stains, build-ups, and scratches on your silverware.

A ball of aluminum foil also doubles as an abrasive scrubber. Soft sponges struggle to remove stubborn food build-up, but a ball of aluminum foil is a resilient alternative.

To clean grills, oven racks, stove tops, pots, and pans with a ball of aluminum foil, spray them with water and start scrubbing. Enhance this cleaning hack with some baking soda.

For rust, rub the foil in a circular motion, keeping the foil wet throughout the process. You'll see the rust coming off the metal surface and transferring onto the foil.

Once all the rust is gone, give the surfaces a quick pat-down with a damp towel, followed by a dry one to buff and polish them.