Goldfish in a fishbowl
You Can Eat Your Goldfish, But Here's Why You Shouldn't
Goldfish are technically edible in the fact that they are not poisonous, but whether they are palatable or even safe to consume is a different story.
Goldfish are smaller versions of carp, a freshwater fish that has been consumed for centuries. The way carp taste is affected by what they eat and the waters they live in.
That’s why goldfish taste like a stinky fish tank or a polluted river. Plus, unlike carp, goldfish have very little meat and a lot of inedible bones that are difficult to remove.
Another reason pet goldfish taste bad is that they’re fed processed fish flakes or pellets made of fish and squid meal, fish eggs, worms, algae, antibiotics, and other additives.
Additionally, goldfish can have conditions like fish tuberculosis, which can infect humans even if the fish is cooked, especially because the bacteria is resistant to cooking heat.
The tanks goldfish are kept in are also known sources of salmonella and other diseases. Hence, goldfish aren’t poisonous themselves, but they’re not safe to eat either.