Roasted radishes in a pan
You Can And Should Skip The Oil When Roasting Vegetables

While it may seem intuitive, roasting vegetables in olive oil is unnecessary to get them cooked and crispy. It actually has some natural detractions.

Olive oil has a relatively low smoke point, which means that if it’s cooked for too long or at too high a temperature, it will start filling your kitchen with smoke clouds.

Luckily, you can skip the oil entirely and dry roast your vegetables, which makes washing up easier and prevents a smoky kitchen.

Dry roasting vegetables allows flavors to shine through and prevents them from being overpowered by oil. Olive oil deteriorates at high heat before hitting a smoking point.

You're preserving its complexity by waiting to add your olive oil until after your veggies have been roasted. You could even switch it out for a higher-quality finishing oil.

Dry roasted vegetables lose more water than those roasted in oil, so they easily absorb any oil or butter added afterward. Add seasonings as soon as your veggies are out of the oven.