Raw bacon on a wooden cutting board
Wrap Watermelon In Bacon And Magic Will Occur
It might seem unusual, but the sweet, refreshing juiciness of watermelon is a natural partner for crisp, smoky bacon. The combination works well in a number of dishes.
Watermelon cubes wrapped in bacon and cooked for 10 to 15 minutes in an air fryer make for a tasty sweet-salty snack. It tastes even better if you stuff the cubes with crab meat.
Note that it’s best to use standard sliced bacon instead of thick slices to help the meat crisp up. The snack is a great base for a salad you can serve with cheese and fresh mint.
You can wrap some sweet, sour, and crunchy pickled watermelon rinds in bacon and bake them until crisp, salty, and chewy for a snack that complements chilled beer and cocktails.
The best part about this surprisingly versatile combination is that the ingredients can be assembled in advance and baked when needed, making for easy entertaining.