Woman holding a Pepsi can
Why Your Soda Cans Keep Getting Smaller

You may have noticed that many of your favorite soda brands are now selling taller, slimmer cans than before. Many might take this as "shrinkflation," but something else is going on.

A standard can of drum-shaped soda holds 12 ounces, as does the slimmer can. There's just a reconfiguration of the dimensions to save money for the manufacturer.

It's easier to accommodate slimmer soda cans, as they fit more compactly in warehouses, on shipping pallets, and in truck and barge spaces, all of which saves companies money.

The same applies to retail shelf space for 8- or 12-packs and refrigerated display cases. Slimmer cans consume less space, allowing for more quantity and readily available access.

The slim can phenomenon isn't only about financial bottom lines. The newer can styles are different, which draws attention in the sea of sodas vying for market dominance.

The new cans have also garnered positive perceptions linked to a more upscale, youthful, or healthier lifestyle, possibly because many health-conscious drinks come in thinner cans.