A closeup of a lettuce head.
Why You Should Store Lettuce In Aluminum Foil At Peak Freshness
Nothing spells disappointment quite like a bowl of forlorn-looking, wilted greens. Fortunately, there's a simple storage hack that will keep your lettuce fresh for a longer time.
The next time you bring home fresh lettuce, wrap it in aluminum foil to help it retain moisture. You’ll get more and better tasting salads out of a single head of lettuce.
Wrapping a head of lettuce up tightly in a piece of foil can keep your lettuce from drying out and help extend its refrigerated shelf life to about 30 days.
Moreover, since moisture loss can cause the leaves to wilt and go bad, foil also helps the heads of lettuce retain just the right amount of moisture to stay crisp and fresh.
For those concerned about the sustainability of aluminum foil, the thin sheets can be washed and reused by throwing them in a dishwasher and running them through a cycle.