Roast chicken with herbs and lemon.
Why You Should Shamelessly Slather Mayo On Every Chicken You Cook

It might seem unusual to slather a chicken with a mayonnaise marinade. Yet, once you discover the benefits of this approach, you may join the ranks of the enlightened few.

Mayonnaise helps develop a crispy-skinned chicken due to the Maillard reaction, where the mayonnaise prompts the sugars and proteins in the chicken to brown.

Mayonnaise’s egg components keep the fatty oils in place, which caramelizes the skin. With its eggs and oil, mayonnaise also helps add a bit of extra fat.

Moreover, mayonnaise forms a protective barrier that keeps all the juices inside the chicken. During and after cooking, the chicken can reabsorb fats and redistribute moisture.

Mayonnaise helps keep other seasonings in place. Mix spices into the mayonnaise before applying it to the chicken and those flavors will stay on the chicken instead of in the pan.