A Starbucks drink on a counter.
Why You Should Order Starbucks Coffee At Kids' Temperature

If you prefer your Starbucks coffee to be cool and don't want to risk burning your mouth, there's a simple solution: Ask for it to be served at kids' temperature.

This means it will be served at 130 degrees F rather than 160 degrees F. Some connoisseurs even believe that this is the best temperature for coffee to be served.

Temperature affects the smell, taste, and overall experience of drinking coffee, too — so ordering a latte at kids' temperature actually brings out all the flavors of the drink.

Additionally, getting milk steamed at kids' temperature (130 degrees F) guarantees that you can enjoy your drink immediately without waiting for it to cool down.

While kids' temperature primarily applies to lattes, it can be applied to any Starbucks drink, coffee or otherwise, where the milk is steamed, such as hot chocolate.