a moka pot pouring coffee into a mug
Why You Should Brew Coffee In A Percolator
Old coffee makers, such as the percolator, are experiencing a resurgence. Invented in the late 19th century, percolators were replaced by modern drip coffee machines in the 70s.
Unlike modern drip machines, percolators continuously circulate boiling water through coffee grounds, resulting in a creamier, stronger brew with a richer flavor profile.
Percolators, such as the moka pot, are available in both stovetop and electric versions and can brew between two and 12 cups of coffee depending on the model.
Percolators brew stronger, richer coffee compared to drip machines due to the higher water temperature, resulting in a smooth finish.
For optimal results, select a lighter roast and grind, avoid rushing the brew time to prevent bitterness, and use hot water brought slowly to a boil for a smoother finish.