Sandwich with fried egg in it
Why You Need A Mason Jar Lid For Homemade Egg Sandwiches

When it comes to homemade egg sandwiches, cooking perfectly round eggs can be hard. They can turn into a runny mess, flop out of the bread slices, or end up being too small.

However, a mason jar ring can eliminate these issues. To get a perfect round shape, spray the ring with cooking spray, place it in a heated frying pan, and crack your egg into it.

For a sunny-side-up egg, let it cook until the whites are firm. For scrambled eggs, beat the eggs with the ingredients you like and pour the mixture into the jar ring.

For over-easy eggs, put a tight-fitting lid over the pan so the yolk steams, or flip the jar ring and egg and finish cooking that way. Release the egg from the ring using tongs.

When choosing the bread for your egg sandwich, ensure the mason jar ring and the bread slices are the same size so your egg takes up the whole surface area of the bread.