A Camembert wheel being torn in half
Why You Might Not See Camembert Cheese In The Near Future
Fans of Camembert, a French cheese, are fearing for its future after a Paris-Saclay University study predicted a scarcity of a fungus that is essential to its production.
About a century ago, as demand for Camembert grew, producers switched to using just one strain of fungus, Penicillium camemberti. This fungus gives the cheese its unique taste.
Using a single strain allowed them to create a uniform product. However, the fungus is unable to reproduce naturally and must be cloned, a process now threatened by its mutation.
However, Bruno Lefèvre, a fifth-generation cheesemaker, has not experienced any issues with the fungus. Casting doubt on the study, he attributed the panic to media exaggeration.
The study highlights the need for proactive steps to ensure the unique flavor of Camembert is not lost, with cheesemakers' ingenuity being key to overcoming these challenges.