Rolls of parchment paper, baking pan, and rolling pin
Why Using The Shiny Side Of Parchment Paper Actually Matters
Parchment paper is nonstick, oven-safe, and easy to trim. Bakers and cooks often use it to protect their cookware from burnt bits, tough stains, and stuck-on pieces of food.
You may assume both the glossy and dull sides of parchment paper work the same, but that's not always true. To get the full benefit of the liner, ensure the glossy side points up.
The paper gets its shiny side and heat-protective qualities from a silicone coating. While some producers dip both sides of their sheets in the coating, others leave one side dull.
The glossy, silicone side is an insulator that heats evenly but doesn’t hold onto that heat for long. After sitting for a few minutes on the counter, it becomes cool to the touch.
The rubbery substance also resists the pull of sticky foods, allowing spatulas to work with ease. It’s best to check your roll beforehand and make use of the glossy side correctly.