Celebrity Chef Lee Drummond.
Why Ree Drummond Prefers To Buy Frozen Vegetables

Food Blogger Ree Drummond told USA Today that while frozen veggies can't replace fresh ones in most dishes, they are "the next best thing to fresh and often much less expensive."

For some recipes, frozen vegetables are as good as fresh, in her opinion. The chef also claimed that no one can tell the difference between a fresh and frozen vegetable in recipes.

Frozen veggies save an enormous amount of prep time. Ree Drummond often has to feed an army at her home, so it's no wonder she often reaches for frozen products.

Frozen vegetables are harvested at their peak of ripeness. Even if some are pre-cooked before packaging and lose some nutrients, they still have more than can be found in fresh ones.

If your garden doesn’t bear veggies year-round due to cold winters, growing and freezing your own vegetables can be worth it.