Martha Stewart smiling at an event
Why Martha Stewart Never Serves Store-Bought Dessert At A Dinner Party

As Martha Stewart told The Kitchn, serving a store-bought dessert at a dinner party — be it a small, intimate gathering or one with a larger number of guests — is a major no-no.

Her main point is that "homemade desserts are infinitely better" than ready-made varieties. She says she would "never buy" a pre-made dessert and is particularly rigid about pies.

According to the celebrity chef, you shouldn't get to savor a slice until you know how to make a pie yourself, and if you don't know how to bake one, she says, "you better learn."

Those words may be daunting, but fortunately, Stewart has shared some of her best-kept secrets for baking pies over the years, ensuring newbie bakers won’t be left high and dry.