A cooked salmon filet with garnish
Why Is Fish Not Considered Meat During Lent?
During Lent, Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays, honoring the day Jesus was crucified by avoiding activities associated with bloodshed and demonstrating humility.
However, the ban does not extend to fish. There are several explanations for this, the simplest being that the Catholic Church regards land animals and fish as distinct categories.
Medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas was also influential, promoting abstinence from eating flesh as an act in recognition of Christ sacrificing his own flesh through his death.
While eating warm-blooded animals was seen as pleasurable and encouraging of lust, fish didn’t carry these associations and could be consumed while emulating Christ's humility.
Surprisingly, animals such as shellfish, alligators, and even capybaras are classified as “fish” by the Catholic Church in this context and may be consumed on Lenten Fridays.