Ina Garten in kitchen
Why Ina Garten Always Picks The Smaller Chicken When Cooking
If you’re planning on roasting a whole chicken, take a page from Chef Ina Garten's book and choose a smaller chicken that’s roughly four to five pounds
Garten’s choice isn’t based on portion size or difficulty but on texture and flavor. Smaller birds taste better and are more tender because they’re younger.
Older poultry’s texture is tougher because they have more muscle. This is fine for recipes that tenderize the meat, like braises or soups, but smaller birds are better for roasting.
However, younger chickens are hard to find at the supermarket, so you’ll have to ask the butcher counter or go to a specialty butcher or local farm.
It will be worth it, however, as the chicken will not only be more tender, it will absorb marinades better, resulting in an even flavor. Just make sure not to overcook it.