Gordon Ramsay with a chef's coat on smiling
Why In-N-Out Is Gordon Ramsay's All-Time Favorite Fast Food Burger
As Gordon Ramsay told chef Josh Scherer from "Mythical Kitchen," he rolls through In-N-Out’s drive-thru with a hundred-dollar bill and a longing for a Double-Double, animal style.
A Double-Double features two patties and two cheese slices, and getting it animal style means you’ll get pickles, extra sauce, grilled onions, and a beef patty basted with mustard.
The spread smeared across Ramsay's burger order — which is a Thousand Island-inspired blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, and vinegar — acts as a welcome foil for the rich beef.
As a matter of fact, Ramsay’s In-N-Out experience resonated so much that he credits the chain's caramelized mustard-coated patty as inspiration for one of his own burger offerings.
Ramsay also says the chain’s locally sourced ingredients and hassle-free drive-thru experience are two of the reasons why he has remained a loyal fan of In-N-Out for over a decade.