A jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise and bread.
Why Hellmann's Mayo Is Also Called Best Foods

The popular brand known as Hellmann's is depicted with a white, blue, and yellow label. However, another mayo brand called Best Foods has the exact same label, save for the name.

They are the same mayonnaise, but they go by different names. Best Foods is sold west of the Rocky Mountains, while east of the mountain range, it’s Hellmann's.

Richard Hellmann created a popular mayonnaise in the 1920s and called it Blue Ribbon. In 1927, Postum Foods, later Best Foods, purchased the Hellmann's brand and its mayo.

While Postum already had its own condiment, the Hellmann's brand was so famous in its current market that the company decided to keep and sell the product under both names.

They share a tagline, too: "Bring out the best." Yet, each label of Hellmann's states, "Known as Best Foods west of the Rockies," while Best Foods jars state the opposite.