The entrance to a Chipotle restaurant
Why Chipotle Employees Have To Wear Chainmail Gloves For Food Prep
At Chipotle restaurants, employees meticulously prepare fresh food daily, so they must undergo extensive training to master knife skills.
Chipotle prioritizes safety with a strict cut glove policy that requires employees to wear chainmail gloves during food prep to minimize the risk of knife injuries.
Resembling those worn by medieval knights, these gloves are made of metal rings woven together. They offer protection against cuts and punctures while maintaining hygiene.
Chipotle employees follow a meticulous triple-layered gloving routine, wearing disposable plastic gloves underneath and above the chainmail for added protection.
Cut-resistant gloves will remain essential until automation fully replaces risky tasks, as seen in Chipotle's testing of automated guacamole prep machines like the "Autocado."