Open cans of fish and seafood
Why Canned Fish Comes In Such Small Containers
When browsing supermarket shelves for a protein ingredient, you might have noticed that when it comes to canned fish, even the largest size is small compared to other foods.
Pack size is primarily driven by consumer demand as the most popular use for canned tuna is likely a quick sandwich, and sardines are often eaten as a snack straight from the can.
Tuna was once sold in seven-ounce cans but this shifted to five ounces after a price-fixing scandal in the 2010s. Since then, the industry has stuck with the popular smaller sizes.
While grocery stores typically stock five and 12-ounce cans for various fish and seafood preparations, larger options exist, including a 66.5-ounce can for food service use.
Salmon is an exception in the canned fish category, with most brands offering both small and standard-sized cans, providing flexibility for different needs.