An Aldi store
Why Bread Is So Cheap At Aldi
Aldi's bread prices are famously low, and it's not by chance. To benefit shoppers, the store savvily reduces the prices of its bread products as their sell-by date approaches.
The chain’s no-frills shopping experience enables it to pass on cost savings to customers through low prices, including its much-lauded exclusive L'Oven Fresh bread.
Discounting close-to-expiry bread products helps Aldi manage stock efficiently, contributing further cost savings to the retailer’s already streamlined operations.
However, the bread may not last as long once you bring it home, which, along with limited brand choices and many self-service features, is a potential downside of Aldi’s approach.
Trade-offs between cost savings and shopping convenience are the cornerstones of Aldi's approach to retail, highlighting a sort of "buyer beware" consciousness of its customers.