Celebrity chef Bobby Flay.
Why Bobby Flay Opts For His Burgers And Steaks To Be Cooked Medium

Most professional chefs would surely always advise medium-rare or rare when cooking burgers or steaks, but Bobby Flay begs to differ.

The celebrity chef prefers his meat cooked medium. He also admitted on Instagram that although it might seem like a surprising choice, many of his chef friends tend to agree with him.

The internal temperature for a medium steak is between 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In a medium steak, the center has some pink but no red and is warm rather than cool.

Flay believes the brief extra cooking time required for a medium result improves the beef's taste and texture. Rare steak can sometimes be harder to chew.

Allowing the fat to melt into the meat gives it a better flavor for Flay while still keeping the finished steak pink and juicy.