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Why Aldi's Groceries Are So Cheap
Over the years, Aldi has retained its customers largely due to its rock-bottom rates, and the store's little money-saving practices let the grocery chain offer such low prices.
For starters, Aldi sells very few brand-name items, as 90% of its products are private-label and way cheaper than the big brands. Aldi also produces very few TV ads to save money.
Aldi doesn't hire baggers or cart retrievers, so shoppers bag their own items and return their shopping carts. It hires very few store associates to reduce payroll costs.
The staff does all the work, including serving as cashiers and stocking products. To cut costs further, Aldi stores use minimal decoration and don't play music.
Aldi products are often put out for purchase in the boxes they arrive in, so no experts are required just to open the boxes and take them to the correct aisle.
Aldi's produce is also prepackaged, so the chain doesn't need produce department staff. Saving money with such practices allows Aldi to charge its customers less than other chains.