Steaks being picked up by tongs.
Which Side Of Your Steak Are You Supposed To Cook First?

When preparing a steak, focus on the small things, like which side of the steak to start heating first. There are many reasons why you should always sear the fattier side first.

As the steak cooks, its fats will melt out, with the meat taking on extra flavor. Because of this, you'll want to cook this side as long as possible so that it can be adequately rendered.

Fatty meat will also brown quicker than lean meat because fat and heat trigger the Maillard reaction, the process where meat browns and becomes delicious.

Letting a steak's more marbled side cook longer will give you a more browned flavor. As the fat cooks, it begins to crisp up and form a crust.

It's essential, however, to get that fat nice and crispy. You should watch your steak closely and ensure you're not left with any unappetizing bits.